Top 10 New Movies to Watch This Week on Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and More (September 19-25)

New movies like The Covenant, Cassandro, Spy Kids: Armageddon, and others are now available for streaming.

No One Will Save You

After a bunch of big-name movies last week (like Barbie), this week's new movies you can watch online are a bit less famous but cover a wide range of genres.

Guy Ritchie, the director known for making exciting films, has a war movie called The Covenant. Surprisingly, not many people heard about it, even though it has Jake Gyllenhaal in it.

Then, there's a family-friendly action movie called Spy Kids: Armageddon. It's a fresh start for Robert Rodriguez's series and perfect for families.

If you're into romantic comedies, there's What's Love Got to Do With It? It's all about the old-fashioned idea of arranged marriages.

And if you want something different, check out Cassandro. It takes you into the world of lucha libre, which is Mexican wrestling. These are the best new movies you can stream this week on Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and other streaming platforms.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (Paramount Plus)

A new Ninja Turtle reboot called "TMNT: Mutant Mayhem" is coming to Paramount Plus this week. This story focuses a lot on how the turtles are teenagers who just want to fit in, which sometimes annoys their dad, Splinter (played by Jackie Chan). But they get their big opportunity when New York is in trouble because of a bad guy named Superfly (played by Ice Cube) and his mutant gang. So, there's a lot of action and chaos in this mutant adventure!

No One Will Save You (Hulu)

In this scary science fiction movie, Brynn Adams (played by Kaitlyn Dever) is a creative and talented young woman who likes to be alone. She spends most of her time in her childhood home. One night, her quiet life is suddenly disrupted when she hears weird sounds, sees strange shadows, and sees creepy clouds in the sky. Strange visitors from another world have come to her house, and Brynn has to fight them to protect her home. It's an exciting battle to keep her house safe from the invaders.

Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant (Prime Video)

Did you know that Guy Ritchie directed not one but two movies this year? Surprisingly, both his thriller and the spy action comedy "Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre" didn't get much attention, even though Ritchie is a well-known director and the movies have famous actors. In "The Covenant," the story follows U.S. Army Sergeant John Kinley, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, and Afghan interpreter Ahmed, played by Dar Salim. They find themselves in a dangerous situation when they are ambushed. Ahmed goes to great lengths to save Kinley's life. Later on, Kinley discovers that Ahmed and his family weren't able to come to America as promised for safety. So, he goes back to the war zone to rescue them before the Taliban can harm them.

What’s Love Got to Do With It? (Hulu)

When online dating gets really bad, sometimes you might consider going back to an old way of finding love: an arranged marriage. Zoe, played by Lily James, is a filmmaker who's had no luck with online dating, and her mom (Emma Thompson) isn't too happy about it. She starts making a documentary about her childhood friend Kaz (Shazad Latif), who's decided to go for an arranged marriage. As she records his journey from London to Lahore to marry someone his parents have chosen for him, Zoe wonders if there's something valuable to learn from this traditional approach to finding love.

Golda (digital)

This thrilling movie, starring Helen Mirren, is mostly set during a very tense 19-day period in 1973 called the Yom Kippur War. In the film, Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir is dealing with a lot of problems. She's worried about her country possibly being destroyed, and she has to work with a group of people in her government who aren't sure what to do. She also has a tricky relationship with a guy named Henry Kissinger, who is the U.S. Secretary of State. And on top of all that, the Egyptian government wants the Sinai Peninsula back, and they want to be friends again.

A lot of lives are at stake, and it's up to Golda Meir to make some tough decisions. She has to be strong and caring at the same time. Her choices will decide what happens to Israel, and some people might not agree with her in the end.

The Good Mother (digital)

Hilary Swank is back as a brave journalist investigating a murder, but this time it hits close to home as it involves her own son. Marissa Bennings, the journalist, is heartbroken by her estranged son's death, who had distanced himself from the family due to his heroin addiction. However, his passing wasn't due to an overdose; he lost his life in a shooting from a passing car. Marissa joins forces with her son's pregnant girlfriend, Paige (played by Olivia Cooke), to find those responsible. Together, they delve into the gritty world of drugs and crime in their city.

Sanctuary (Hulu)

This steamy thriller is an intense two-person story featuring a dominatrix named Rebecca (played by Margaret Qualley) and her wealthy client Hal (played by Christopher Abbott). When Hal's father passes away, Hal is on track to become the CEO of the family business. He tells Rebecca he can't continue their meetings, but his attempt to end their connection doesn't go as planned. Rebecca insists on getting a share of his earnings. As they exchange threats and emotions run high, their interaction becomes a mix of anger, frustration, and desire. Is this all just a part of their role-playing?

The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster (Shudder, AMC Plus)

In this spooky story inspired by Mary Shelley's 1818 book Frankenstein, we meet a clever teenager named Vicaria, played by Laya DeLeon Hayes. Vicaria has had some really sad things happen in her life, like violence, mean police behavior, and people using drugs. She's lost two of her family members, and because of all this sadness, she starts experimenting with a belief that maybe death can be fixed, like a sickness.

Vicaria, like a scientist who's a little bit crazy, manages to bring her brother back to life, played by Edem Atsu-Swanzy. But as the story goes on, we see that this new creature she's made is actually very dangerous.

Cassandro (Prime Video)

Lucha libre is a very popular sport and cultural tradition in Mexico. It's known for its colorful costumes, flashy performances, and exciting stories that have entertained people for many years. This movie tells the real-life story of Saúl Armendáriz, played by Gael García Bernal. He was an amateur wrestler from El Paso who became famous worldwide by creating the character Cassandro, often called the "Liberace of Lucha Libre." Along the way, he changed the tough wrestling world and also transformed his own life.

Spy Kids: Armageddon (Netflix)

Robert Rodriguez is back with a new version of his beloved family movie series, featuring a new group of young heroes who are taking the spy game to a whole new level. Nora Tango-Torrez (played by Gina Rodriguez) and Terrence Tango-Torrez (played by Zachary Levi) are the world's best secret agents, and they happen to be married to each other. Their two kids, Patty (played by Everly Carganilla) and Tony (played by Connor Esterson), decide to join the family business to fix a big mistake they made. They accidentally helped game developer Ray Kingston (played by Billy Magnussen) release a computer virus that lets him control all technology.

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