5 Best Netflix Shows You Might Have Missed

Don't forget to watch these awesome Netflix shows you might have overlooked.

5 Best Netflix Shows You Might Have Missed

Netflix has sooo many shows, and new ones keep popping up all the time. Sometimes, the really good ones can get lost in the shuffle. You've probably seen popular shows like Virgin River and The Witcher, but there are hidden gems too!

Finding the shows everyone's talking about is easy. You can check out the top 10 list on Netflix or see what people are saying on social media. But what about those shows that don't get all the attention? Well, we're here to tell you about five awesome Netflix shows that might not be on your radar. You know, the ones you might miss if you're not scrolling for hours.

Trust me, these five shows are worth your time. They cover a lot of different genres, from zombies to fantasy to crime. So, give our recommendations a shot and start binge-watching!


Genre: Supernatural crime drama

Seasons: 5 (71 episodes)

Liv Moore, played by Rose McIver, wakes up one day feeling really sick after a wild boat party. She thinks it's just a bad hangover, but to her surprise, she's turned into a zombie! This unexpected change forces her to give up her dream of becoming a doctor and even break up with her fiancé Major, played by Robert Buckley. Instead, she takes a job as a medical examiner. Why? Well, because if she doesn't eat brains, her inner monster comes out. So, she starts snacking on the brains of the dead people in the morgue.

Here's the twist: when Liv munches on those brains, she gets temporary flashes of the person's memories. And when it's someone who was murdered, these flashbacks give her clues about who might be responsible. Liv decides to use this new ability to help Detective Clive Babineaux, played by Malcolm Goodwin, solve cases. It's like she's a zombie detective now!

Teenage Bounty Hunters

Genre: Teen comedy/drama

Seasons: 1 (10 episodes)

Sure, the title might sound a bit funny, and the story is a bit wacky, but this teen dramedy has some clever conversations and pokes fun at the quirks of rich, religious folks living in the suburbs. Maddie Phillips and Anjelica Bette Fellini are sisters in the show, and they go to a Christian high school. Their regular lives get all mixed up when they start working for a seasoned bounty hunter named Kadeem Harrison, after a car accident.

The best part of the show is how well the actors get along and deliver quick and funny lines. Unfortunately, Netflix didn't give it another season, so we'll never find out what happens after the big cliffhanger at the end. Still, this hidden gem is definitely worth a watch.


Genre: Crime comedy/drama

Seasons: 2 (20 episodes)

Con artist Maddie, played by Inbar Lavi, has swindled a bunch of people out of their money and left them with broken hearts. One of her recent victims is Ezra Bloom, played by Rob Heaps, who is surprised to find out that he's not the only person Maddie married and then disappeared on. Now, Ezra is teaming up with two others who were also fooled by Maddie: a car salesman named Richard Evans (Parker Young) and an artist named Jules Langmore (Marianne Rendón). Together, they're on a mission to find Maddie.

Meanwhile, Maddie has started a new con job with her partners Max (Brian Benben) and Sally (Katherine LaNasa). Their target this time is a bank manager. But things get complicated when Maddie gets involved with a charming and wealthy guy named Patrick (Stephen Bishop). This new romance puts their whole scheme at risk.

Ugly Betty

Genre: Workplace comedy

Seasons: 4 (85 episodes)

Meet Betty Suarez, a smart but ordinary young woman who somehow gets a job at a super trendy fashion magazine. It's not exactly like "The Devil Wears Prada," but it's similar. Betty becomes an assistant at Mode magazine, thanks to the new boss, Daniel Meade. He hires her because he's not interested in dating her, unlike the other candidates.

As Betty and Daniel settle into their new jobs, they face all sorts of challenges. There are crazy photo shoots and sneaky co-workers to deal with. And the worst of them all is the cunning creative director, Wilhelmina Slater, along with her snarky assistant, Marc, and the unfriendly receptionist, Amanda. It's a wild ride for Betty in the fashion world!

The Magicians

Genre: Fantasy drama

Seasons: 5 (65 episodes)

Imagine taking Harry Potter and his buddies, putting them in college, and tossing them into a world full of parties, drinking, questionable substances, and some pretty scary magic. That's pretty much what "The Magicians" is all about. It's a fantasy TV series that aired on Syfy for five seasons and is rated for mature audiences (a bit tamer than "Game of Thrones" in terms of explicit content). The show follows a guy named Quentin Coldwater (played by Jason Ralph) and his pals at Brakebills University for Magic Learning as they come face to face with a big, scary threat to humanity.

But don't get it twisted; "The Magicians" is a whole different beast from Harry Potter. This show dives into some serious stuff, like dealing with mental health problems, uncomfortable situations, and struggles with addiction. Even with magical powers, not everything can be fixed with a wave of the wand. And don't forget to stick around for some seriously wild musical episodes – they're a blast!

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