Amazon Alexa to Sound More Like a Natural Speaker, Thanks to AI

Alexa is getting even smarter with some help from LLM technology, and it's getting some cool new features.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon has just introduced some new stuff today, like updated Fire TV stuff and better Ring cameras. They also talked about making Alexa, their voice assistant, easier to chat with and more helpful.

Talking to Alexa has been a bit tricky before. If you waited too long between talking, you had to say "Alexa" again. It sometimes had trouble finding info online. But now, Amazon wants to fix that by using a new language model, kind of like what ChatGPT and Bing Chat use. This model is simpler than the one behind GPT, or it switches between a basic AI and this new model as needed. During Amazon's event, some answers came pretty quickly, like what you get from Alexa or Google Assistant today. But for questions that need more creative thinking, it took a bit longer.

Amazon says this new model can understand multiple questions at once, like turning off lights and locking a door in one go. Google Assistant can do this sometimes, but Alexa struggled with it. They say it'll work with some devices like lights and plugs, and later on, it'll work with more things.

The new Alexa chat is kinda like talking to Bing Chat or ChatGPT. You don't have to keep saying "Alexa" all the time, and you can say things like "wait, actually..." to change your question without starting all over again. We'll have to see how well it really works when it's out for everyone.

The updated Alexa can also do the same writing stuff we've seen in other AI helpers. You can ask it to write a short paragraph, poem, or something like that, but it might be inspired by other famous writers.

You can give it a try by saying "Alexa, let's chat." If you don't have it yet, you might have to wait a bit.

Source: The Verge

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