Amazon's New Eero Max 7 Router Delivers Faster Wi-Fi and 10 Gig Speeds

It's too much for most people, of course.

Amazon's New Eero Max 7 Router Delivers Faster Wi-Fi and 10 Gig Speeds

Amazon has introduced its latest Fire TV devices, along with some enhanced Alexa features, and they're also unveiling their very first Wi-Fi 7 router called the Eero Max 7. It's expected to hit the market later this year with a price tag of $600. Now, this router is quite impressive, but it's probably more than what most folks need. You'd really only want to consider buying it if you have a super-fast 10 Gig fiber internet connection or if you happen to own some really advanced server equipment that can take full advantage of its super-high LAN speeds.

The standout feature of the Eero Max 7 is its Wi-Fi 7 capability. Basically, this is a new wireless technology that can deliver speeds of over 40 Gbps, which is incredibly fast. It also uses some clever tricks to reduce network congestion and keep your internet running smoothly. Amazon claims that just one Eero Max 7 router can cover an area of up to 2,500 square feet and can connect with over 200 different devices. Plus, it's a mesh Wi-Fi router, which means you can pair it up with other Eero nodes to extend your Wi-Fi coverage. The good news is that all Eero routers work together, regardless of their speed or price, so you can mix and match them to fit your needs.

Amazon's New Eero Max 7 Router Delivers Faster Wi-Fi and 10 Gig Speeds

The Eero Max 7 router has a great selection of ports. It comes with two super-fast 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and two still speedy 2.5 Gigabit ports. While not many devices support Wi-Fi 7 just yet, those 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports are already popular in businesses and with tech enthusiasts who have advanced equipment like QNAP NAS devices. The 2.5 Gigabit ports are also quite common, even in more affordable PCs and networking gear.

This router also has all the usual Eero features. It can work as a smart home hub for Thread devices and can control Matter and Zigbee gadgets. If you're willing to pay an extra $10 a month for eero Plus, you get some neat extras like detailed internet usage stats, better security tools, ad blocking for your whole network, content filters, a free 1Password membership, and Amazon's Internet Backup tool, which can switch your home network to a different hotspot if your internet goes down.

But, to be clear, you probably don't really need the Eero Max 7 or any other Wi-Fi 7 router. This is fancy and expensive tech. However, if you have super-fast 10 Gig internet or some high-end networking gear, the Eero Max 7 could be a good buy when it comes out later this year. Just keep in mind that Wi-Fi 7 routers will likely cost much less than $600 in a year or two.

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