Can You Tell Who Watched Your Instagram Videos?

Find out your video views and like count.

Can You Tell Who Watched Your Instagram Videos?

Are you someone who posts videos on Instagram and wonders if you can see who's watching them? Or maybe you're just someone who watches Instagram videos and wonders if the creators can find out? Well, you're in the right place! In this guide, we'll give you answers to both of these questions, along with some helpful tips. Let's dive in.

Can you tell who watched your Instagram videos?

No, you can't find out who watched your Instagram video. Instagram doesn't give you a list of people who watched your videos. So, anyone can watch your videos, and you won't know who they are.

If you've watched someone's video and you're wondering if they'll know you watched it, don't worry. Instagram won't tell them that you watched their video.

How to See How Many People Watched and Liked Your Instagram Video

Instagram doesn't tell you who watched your videos, but it does show you how many people viewed and liked them. This lets you know how well your video is doing.

To check, just open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android, go to your profile, and tap the number of likes on the video you're curious about.

How to See How Many People Watched and Liked Your Instagram Video

When you open the "Likes" page, you'll find some important information. At the top, you can see how many people have viewed your video. In the "Liked By" section, you'll see how many likes your video has received, along with the names of the users who liked it.

How to See How Many People Watched and Liked Your Instagram Video

This is how you can see how popular your Instagram video is.

Share Your Videos as Stories to See Who Views Them

If you want to know if someone is watching your videos on Instagram, you can share your video as a Story on your account. Instagram allows you to see who views your Stories, so by adding your video to your Story, you can find out who's watching it.

To do this, go to your Instagram profile, open the video you want to share, tap the paper airplane icon on the right, and select "Add to Story."

Share Your Videos as Stories to See Who Views Them

Please follow the steps on your screen to personalize your video story, then share your story.

Once you've shared your story online and some time has gone by, you can see who has looked at it. If someone has been curious about your videos, they might have also taken a look at your story, allowing you to see who those people are.

Be Cautious of Apps that Promise to Reveal Who Watched Your Instagram Videos

When you search on Google or Bing to find out who watched your Instagram videos, you might see some apps promising to reveal the names of viewers. However, it's essential to know that these apps are not genuine. They cannot actually show you who has viewed your Instagram videos. Instagram keeps this information private, and it is not shared with third-party apps.

If you encounter an app that claims to help you track video viewers, it's likely that the app is designed solely for displaying advertisements or, in some cases, it could even be harmful, attempting to access your personal information or Instagram account. It's best to avoid installing such apps on your phone as they won't provide any real benefit and may pose risks to your privacy and device security.

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