Disappointing Results from iFixit's iPhone 15 Pro Max Teardown

A better way to fix things, but still using too much stuff.

Disappointing Results from iFixit's iPhone 15 Pro Max Teardown

In recent years, Apple has been trying to make it easier for people to fix their devices and be more eco-friendly. They started a program where you can repair your own Apple devices, talked to customers about being kinder to the environment, and stopped selling their popular leather phone cases. However, these efforts don't seem to have a big impact on the new iPhone 15 Pro Max.

In a new video where they take apart the iPhone 15 Pro Max, iFixit, a website that helps people repair their gadgets, found that Apple is still making it hard for people to fix their phones. Apple has a system where the parts in the phone are made to work together, which can make it difficult to replace just one part and can lead to more waste.

The video could have been good news for Apple, though. iFixit explained that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is actually not too hard to work on. They use bigger screws, the back of the phone is made of metal (not glass), and some of the small parts, like the microphones, can be replaced more easily than before. Also, Apple's use of the standard USB-C connector makes it simple to connect to other devices without any tricky extras.

Apple has made some improvements in making the physical parts of the iPhone easier to fix. But there's still a rule they have in place where some parts can only be replaced by Apple or someone they approve of. For example, if you change the LiDAR sensor, selfie camera, or wireless charging coil in your iPhone 15, those things might stop working. And if the iPhone 15 figures out that you've swapped out the main camera, the computer inside, or the screen, it might stop you from using certain features like True Tone, battery info, and automatic brightness.

In simple terms, Apple has made it so that only their authorized repair services can fix your iPhone 15 Pro Max properly. You can't use parts from other broken phones to fix it, and you're not allowed to take it to repair shops that aren't approved by Apple. All repairs must be done the way Apple wants them to be done. Yes, you can try to fix your iPhone yourself with Apple's Self Service Repair program, but it's not very flexible, and it can end up costing you more than just going to an Apple Store.

Looking inside the iPhone 15 Pro Max, we can also see the cool periscope camera. Instead of using lots of different lenses to make faraway things look closer, Apple uses a single special lens that bounces light around in a clever way. This lets you zoom in on things up to 5 times, which is better than the 2 times zoom you could do with the older model.

People are talking about the iPhone 15 Pro Max's titanium frame. Titanium is not too hard to recycle, but making it isn't great for the environment. There's a small risk that it could cause problems in recycling machines if people mistake it for steel or aluminum, but recyclers usually handle iPhones carefully. It's hard to say for sure how this affects the environment, but iFixit says the iPhone's titanium frame can get scratched easily.

If you want more info on how they took apart the iPhone 15 Pro Max and how easy it is to fix, you can watch iFixit's YouTube video and read their blog post. They also have a document that shows how they tested the parts of the iPhone 15. And if you're interested, iFixit has teardowns for the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 as well.

Source: iFixit

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