Disney+ Secretly Removed Its GroupWatch Feature

Now, you'll need to use another outside option or Apple SharePlay.

Disney+ Secretly Removed Its GroupWatch Feature

One of the great things about Disney+ was the GroupWatch feature. It let you and your friends watch Disney movies together, even if you were all in different places. It was a nice way to enjoy movies with your pals without needing to invite them over to your house. But now, Disney+ has removed GroupWatch, and they haven't really explained why.

Disney+ users noticed recently that the GroupWatch feature was gone from the apps and website, and there wasn't an official announcement about it. When people asked customer support, they were told that "starting from September 18th, 2023, GroupWatch won't be available on Disney+ anymore." But when they asked why it was taken away, the explanation was pretty vague: "We're always working to make Disney+ better, and as part of recent updates, we decided to remove GroupWatch."

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It seems like Disney+ wanted to remove it quietly because they didn't provide much information. The support page for GroupWatch used to show up in Google results, but now it just takes you to the Disney+ Help Center homepage. It's not just the removal itself that's strange; it's the lack of explanation that's surprising.

We can only guess why they removed it. Disney+ is becoming more like Netflix, with higher prices and a focus on stopping people from sharing passwords. But GroupWatch was only for paying customers (Disney+ isn't free), so it wouldn't hurt their profits right away. There are other services like Teleparty that can do the same thing, and SharePlay still works on Apple devices. But an official option that works on different devices is usually better.

If you still want to watch movies and shows with your friends, you'll have to use one of those other services. Or you can always invite your friends to your place to watch together.

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