Fixing Roblox Error Code 403: 7 Simple Solutions

Fix the problem and get back to playing games.

Fixing Roblox Error Code 403: 7 Simple Solutions

Encountering a 403 error when trying to use Roblox on your computer can be quite frustrating. Fortunately, there are a few ways to tackle this issue and get back to enjoying your games. In this guide, we'll explain why this error happens and, most importantly, provide simple steps to resolve it on your Windows computer. Let's dive in.

Why Is Roblox Showing an "Error Code: 403" Message?

Roblox sometimes shows an error code 403 with a message saying, "Something went wrong during login. Please try again." This usually happens because either Roblox's servers are not working properly or your computer can't connect to them.

When Roblox's servers are having problems, you'll see this error message, and you won't be able to play your games.

How to Fix a Roblox Error 403

To solve a Roblox error 403, you need to make sure that your computer and the Roblox application can connect to the Roblox servers. This means finding and fixing anything that might be stopping your app from connecting to the servers.

Here are some simple steps you can try to fix this error.

Check If Roblox Is Down

If you see a 403 error on Roblox, the first thing to do is see if Roblox is having problems. If the Roblox website isn't working properly, you'll keep seeing this error message.

To check if Roblox is having issues, you can go to a website like Roblox Status or Downdetector. These websites will tell you if Roblox is not working for lots of people. If they say that Roblox is down, you should wait until Roblox fixes the problem and gets the website working again.

Disable Your VPN

If you're having trouble connecting to Roblox servers on your computer, try turning off your VPN to see if that helps. Sometimes, your VPN can cause issues with Roblox. To turn off your VPN, look for a big button on the main screen of the VPN app and click it. After that, open Roblox and check if it works.

If Roblox starts working after turning off the VPN, it means the VPN was causing the problem. You can try changing your VPN location within the app to see if that resolves the issue. If that doesn't work, you might need to consider getting a different VPN that works better with Roblox. Luckily, there are plenty of both free and paid VPN options available.

Disable Your Antivirus Program

If Roblox isn't connecting to its servers, it could be because the antivirus software on your Windows computer is causing problems. Sometimes, the antivirus mistakenly thinks that Roblox is a problem and stops it from working properly.

To see if this is the issue, you can temporarily turn off your antivirus. Here's how to do it for Microsoft Defender Antivirus:

1. Open Windows Security.

2. Click on "Virus & Threat Protection."

3. Under "Virus & Threat Protection Settings," select "Manage Settings."

4. Turn off the switch for "Real-Time Protection."

5. You might get a prompt asking for permission because of User Account Control. Just click "Yes."

Disable Your Antivirus Program

After disabling the antivirus, open Roblox. Check if Roblox can connect to its servers. If it connects successfully, you should add Roblox to your antivirus's safe list, so it's always allowed to make the necessary connections. Once you've done this, turn your antivirus protection back on by enabling "Real-Time Protection."

Allow Roblox Through Your Firewall

If turning off your antivirus didn't solve your problem, it's possible that your computer's firewall is preventing the app from connecting to the internet. To fix this, you can add the app to your firewall's list of trusted programs so it can freely communicate both ways.

Here's how to do it:

1. Open Windows Security.

2. Click on "Firewall & Network Protection."

3. Select "Allow an App Through Firewall."

4. Find "Roblox" in the list of apps.

5. Tick the boxes for both "Private" and "Public" next to "Roblox."

6. Finally, click "OK" at the bottom to save your changes.

Allow Roblox Through Your Firewall

Launch Roblox and see if your app connects to its servers.

Clear Roblox’s Cache on Your Computer

Most apps, like Roblox, save temporary files on your computer. These files make the app work better, but sometimes they can get messed up and cause problems. If your Roblox app isn't working right, it might be because of these files.

The good news is, you can fix these issues by clearing out these temporary files. And don't worry, you won't lose your game data when you do this.

To do it, follow these steps:

1. Press the Windows key and the "R" key at the same time to open the "Run" box.

2. Type the following in the box and then press Enter:


When you open the folder, click on any file to make sure it's selected. After that, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard, then press the letter A (Ctrl+A). This will highlight all the files in the folder.

Now, with all the files highlighted, right-click on one of them. In the menu that appears, look for the option that says "Delete" and click on it. It usually looks like a trash can icon.

Clear Roblox’s Cache on Your Computer

Close your File Explorer window and launch Roblox.

Switch Your DNS Servers

If Roblox is still having trouble connecting to its servers, it could be because your computer's DNS servers are not working properly. These servers are like the phone books of the internet; they help apps like Roblox find the correct internet addresses. If they're not working, this process can't happen, and you'll see an error.

If this is the problem you're facing, you can try using a different DNS server to see if that helps fix the issue.

Uninstall and Reinstall Roblox

If you're still having trouble with Roblox, your last option is to uninstall and then reinstall it on your computer. Sometimes, Roblox can have problems with its essential files, which can cause a 403 error. By deleting the app, you'll get rid of these problematic files and hopefully fix the issue.

To remove Roblox from a Windows 11 PC, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click on "Apps."

3. Look for "Installed Apps."

4. Find Roblox in the list.

5. Click on the three dots next to Roblox.

6. Choose "Uninstall."

7. Confirm by selecting "Uninstall" in the prompt that appears.

Uninstall and Reinstall Roblox

To remove Roblox from your Windows 10 computer, follow these simple steps:

1. Open "Settings."

2. Click on "Apps."

3. Find "Roblox" in the list of installed apps.

4. Select "Roblox".

5. Click "Uninstall."

6. Confirm by choosing "Uninstall" again.

Uninstall and Reinstall Roblox

Since you've deleted the application, head to the official Roblox website, and there you can get the Roblox program for your computer. This should fix your problem.

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