Google Podcasts Will No Longer Be Available in 2024

People who use Google Podcasts will be moved to YouTube Music.

Google Podcasts Will No Longer Be Available in 2024

The Google Podcasts app will no longer be around in early 2024. Instead, YouTube Music will take over and start offering podcasts to people in the U.S. They'll make it easy for you to move your stuff from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music with a special tool. You can also save a file of your podcast subscriptions from Google Podcasts and use it in other podcast apps.

Some folks might feel a bit sad about this switch. Google Podcasts has a nice look and lots of handy stuff. But not many people use it, really. According to a survey, only about 4% of podcast fans use Google Podcasts. In comparison, Spotify, which only started in 2018, is now the second most popular podcast app. So, Google's decision seems pretty clear and simple.

Interestingly, YouTube Music is shaping up to be a great place for podcasts. One cool thing it offers is the ability to switch between just listening to the audio of a podcast and watching the video version. YouTube has had video podcasts for a long time, while other platforms like Spotify are still trying to catch up. Even if you're not a big fan of video podcasts, it turns out that most people are starting to like them more. According to surveys, 23% of people who listen to podcasts every week use YouTube to get their podcast fix.

What's surprising is that Google Podcasts will be shutting down in 2023. It seems like Google didn't realize how awesome YouTube could be for podcasts, even though it's been a top spot for video podcasts for as long as I can remember. Now, Google is changing its direction.

By the end of the year, YouTube Music's podcast feature will be available worldwide. You can use YouTube Music for free, but there's also an option to pay $11 a month for extra features. However, I'd recommend going for YouTube Premium instead, which costs $14 a month. It not only gets rid of ads on regular YouTube but also includes a YouTube Music membership.

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