Is the iPhone 15 Pro Prone to Overheating?

Some people say their new fancy iPhone gets too hot and doesn't handle heat well.

Is the iPhone 15 Pro Prone to Overheating?

The iPhone 15 Pro is quite popular, but there's been talk about it getting too hot. Some of the first users of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have mentioned that their phones can get too warm when they're using apps or charging. It's important to note that these are just individual people's experiences and not any official information.

People started talking about these overheating issues shortly after the iPhone 15 Pro came out. A lot of these comments are from regular folks on Twitter and Reddit, and there have been a few folks who spoke with the Wall Street Journal about their experiences. One person even got in touch with Apple, and they were told that it's normal for the iPhone to get warm during the setup process. However, even after a few days, they still found their iPhone 15 Pro Max getting too hot. Some folks who work in the tech industry have also had similar problems.

We still lack solid evidence to confirm that there's an issue, and we can't confirm the personal experiences shared by others. It's also challenging to pinpoint the exact cause of the overheating problem. A respected Apple analyst named Ming Chi-Quo suggests that the thin 1mm titanium frame used in the iPhone 15 Pro may be responsible. Titanium is a good insulator, but the phone's internal frame, now made of aluminum instead of stainless steel, is supposed to help dissipate heat from the phone's components.

Writers who regularly test new phones often find that during the initial setup, some phones can get quite hot. This happens with both iOS and Android operating systems because the setup process can be quite demanding and time-consuming, sometimes taking several hours or even a full day. The duration of the setup largely depends on the amount of data, like apps and contacts, transferred from the previous device. Using or charging the phone during this setup can make it produce more heat, which might be why some users receive an overheating notification, especially when charging their phone or playing games.

In a recent review of the iPhone 15 Pro, overheating or other defects were not encountered. Similarly, other publications such as CNET, Ars Technica, and Mashable did not mention any overheating issues in their reviews of this phone. If overheating is indeed a problem, it doesn't appear to be widespread. It could be due to a defect in certain devices or the result of specific user behavior.

Source: Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal

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