MSI Just Launched a Small Keyboard Without the Number Pad

The VIGOR GK50 Elite TKL is as compact as TKL keyboards can be.

MSI Just Launched a Small Keyboard Without the Number Pad

Smaller keyboards are still really popular because they don't hog as much space on your desk and don't have extra stuff, like number pads, that not everyone uses. One common type of compact keyboard is the Tenkeyless keyboard, and MSI just came out with a new one called the VIGOR GK50 Elite TKL keyboard.

MSI has just introduced the VIGOR GK50 Elite TKL keyboard, a mechanical gaming keyboard that's surprisingly compact despite its smaller tenkeyless design. It looks sleek, much like those 70% keyboards, but it still has all the regular function keys and extra buttons you'd expect, except for the number pad. So, if you want to shrink your keyboard size while keeping everything else the same, this could be the perfect choice.

You also get three different types of mechanical key switches to choose from: Kailh Blue, Kailh Red, and Kailh Box White. This variety lets you pick the switch that best suits your gaming style. The keyboard also boasts features like 6+N Key Rollover and full anti-ghosting keys, ensuring that even during intense gaming sessions, all your keystrokes are accurately recognized. MSI claims it's made from strong materials and has a sturdy metal frame, so it should be durable too.

The keyboard comes with some cool extras like a detachable and sturdy cable that connects with most computers, and it also has adjustable feet that let you tilt it at different angles for more comfortable typing. You can even customize it with colorful lights and set up special shortcuts using the MSI Center software. Plus, you can save your settings on the keyboard itself.

MSI is also throwing in some handy accessories with the keyboard, like a little bag to carry it in, a tool to help remove the keys for cleaning, and some extra special-shaped keys to make it your own.

Right now, you can grab this keyboard for just $64.99 on Newegg, and you'll probably find it in other stores soon. It's a great choice if you want a keyboard that works well, won't empty your wallet, and doesn't take up too much space. So, go ahead and get yours now.

Source: MSI

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