Meta Quest 3 is Affordable Alternative to Apple Vision Pro

Improved video display with vibrant colors, better graphics, and additional features.

Meta Quest 3 is Affordable Alternative to Apple Vision Pro

The Meta Quest 3 headset is now available for pre-order at $500. It comes with some cool features like letting you see the real world in color while you're playing in virtual reality. The screen quality is better too, with really clear images. It also has a new chip that makes the graphics look even better than before. If you were thinking of getting the Quest 2, this one is a much better choice, especially if you like seeing your surroundings while playing in VR. And it might make Apple's Vision Pro headset, which costs a whopping $3,500 and also has the see-through feature, seem less appealing.

The new Meta Quest 3 is a bit smaller than the previous version, but it's a little heavier by 12 grams. The controllers have also been redesigned – they no longer have those big tracking rings. Instead, you'll see three black ovals on the front of the headset. These ovals have a bunch of cameras in them that let you see the real world when you're wearing the Quest 3. This should make it more comfortable to use, and it can do some cool things like adding monsters from "Stranger Things" into your surroundings or making a big virtual TV that looks like it's floating in your room (although most people don't seem too interested in that idea). Meta also says that you can play games with your friends in person using these cameras, like board games or exercise games, which might make families want to buy more than one Quest 3 headset.

Meta Quest 3 is Affordable Alternative to Apple Vision Pro

Interestingly, the Quest 3 has a better passthrough video quality than the Quest Pro, which might seem a bit ironic. It also has built-in depth sensors that can automatically map your room, which makes things more convenient. Meta says that in some games, you can use real-world objects like your couch to hide from virtual aliens, which sounds fun, but it depends on game developers to make it work well.

The good news is that all the games you like on the Quest 2 will also work on the Quest 3. Some games look better on the Quest 3 because the people who make the apps have made them better for this new system. The Quest 3 has a screen that's 2064 x 2208 per eye, which is better than the old one and should make things look clearer, especially when you're reading. It also has a faster computer chip, called the Snapdragon XR2, which means it can do more stuff, but the battery still only lasts about three hours. Meta also says that the videos will look better and have more accurate colors.

This headset will be compared to Apple's Vision Pro, which is coming out next year for $3,500. Both of these devices are trying to give you a mix of the real world and digital stuff, and they're big on showing you colorful real-life stuff through the headset. Apple's thing might have better-looking videos, but the Quest 3 already has a ton of games to play, and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

But, let's be clear, the Quest 3 and Vision Pro aren't really fighting each other. If someone really loves Apple and can afford the Vision Pro, they're not going to change their mind because of the Quest 3. And if someone can't afford the Vision Pro, they weren't going to get it in the first place.

You can order the Quest 3 right now for $500 (or $650 if you want the one with more storage). They'll start sending them out on October 10th. And if you buy one before January 21st, 2024, they'll give you a free copy of the game "Asgard's Wrath 2." Just remember, that game won't be out until December this year.

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