Microsoft Excel Gets a Python Editor

You've probably never changed cells in this way before.

Microsoft Excel Gets a Python Editor

If you know how to use it, Microsoft Excel can be a very powerful and flexible tool. Among the three apps - Word, PowerPoint, and Excel - Excel is probably the most powerful one. It's easy to use for storing data, but if you want, you can create all sorts of things with it, like games. And now, with Python integration, you have even more possibilities.

Microsoft has added a Python Editor to Excel Labs as an experimental feature. This lets you write and edit Python formulas directly in Microsoft Excel, especially useful with the new Python function support they introduced in August. The Python Editor comes with a dedicated code editor that's similar to Python notebook environments. It makes working with longer and more complex Python code easier, giving you an experience like what you'd find in a typical coding program, all within Excel.

One of the great things about the Python Editor is that it helps you understand your code better. It shows Python cells in the order they execute, along with their results. This is really handy for debugging and making sense of your code. It also lets you work on longer sections of Python code and supports useful features like auto-suggestions, formatting, and highlighting, similar to what you'd find in Visual Studio Code, to make coding smoother.

Microsoft Excel Gets a Python Editor

One great thing about this feature is how it lets you code when it suits you. You can write code, do other stuff in Excel, and then add the code to your Excel sheet whenever you're ready. This means you have more say in when your code affects your Excel file.

To use the Python Editor, you need to make sure you have the Excel Labs add-in. If you already have it, make sure it's updated. If not, you can get it from the Add-ins Store on the Insert tab. But remember, you have to have Python in Excel set up first before you can try out the Python Editor.

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