New $50 Roku Express 4K Bundle Includes a Voice Remote Pro

You don't have to purchase a separate remote that's better.

New $50 Roku Express 4K Bundle Includes a Voice Remote Pro

Roku has some really good streaming gadgets, and now they even have TVs. But their cheaper devices usually come with a simple remote that doesn't have fancy stuff like a headphone jack. But guess what? That's changing! Roku is teaming up with Amazon to offer a special package. It includes the Roku Express 4K and the Voice Remote Pro, which is like the fanciest remote they have.

So, what's the deal with this new bundle? Well, you get the Roku Express 4K, which lets you watch stuff in super clear 4K quality. It's tiny, so you can easily carry it around. And it comes with the Voice Remote Pro right in the box. This remote looks almost the same as the regular one you get with Roku, but it has some cool extra features that make it even better.

New $50 Roku Express 4K Bundle Includes a Voice Remote Pro

Sure, this special remote can be controlled by just using your voice, which means you don't need to touch it with your hands. Plus, it has a headphone plug, so you can listen privately with wired earphones. It also has some handy extras, like a way to find your lost remote by making it play a noise, and two buttons that you can set to do whatever you like. These extras are really helpful, and it's a bit surprising that they don't come with most Roku players right from the start. The fancy Roku Ultra does include this remote, but it costs $100. Anything cheaper than that comes with a regular remote. The Roku Voice Remote Pro alone is worth $30, so if you don't have a Roku yet, it makes sense to get this bundle.

The Roku Express 4K with Voice Remote Pro will cost $49.99, which is only $10 more than the regular Roku Express 4K priced at $39.99. You can purchase it from Amazon right now, and they will start shipping it on October 4th. However, it seems the current price on Amazon is $58.73, but Roku will likely correct that soon. You can only find this bundle on Amazon, so you won't find it at other stores like Walmart that sell Roku stuff.

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