New, Cheaper Xumo TVs Are Coming to Best Buy

Xumo is a partnership between Comcast and Charter.

New, Cheaper Xumo TVs Are Coming to Best Buy

You might find it surprising, but the lesser-known Xumo streaming platform could be behind your upcoming smart TV. Best Buy will be offering a range of budget-friendly smart Pioneer-branded Xumo TVs starting in November. These TVs begin at only $270 and come with features like high-quality 4K video, Dolby Vision HDR, Apple AirPlay 2, and Bluetooth audio streaming.

Xumo Play is a free streaming service owned by Comcast and Charter. As traditional cable TV faces challenges, Comcast and Charter are working hard to make Xumo a well-known brand. They plan to offer Xumo-powered smart TVs at very affordable prices to get more people to try out Xumo Play.

Xumo TV's software is simple to use and supports popular streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, and more. It also encourages users to explore the free content available on Xumo Play. Earlier this year, Hisense started selling the first Xumo smart TVs, and now Pioneer, which is owned by TCL, is doing the same.

Pioneer's Xumo smart TVs come in sizes ranging from 43 inches to 65 inches. They all provide a high-quality 4K 60Hz picture using a specific type of screen. These TVs also support features like Dolby Vision and HDR10 for better image quality, as well as AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth audio streaming, which allows you to play audio from your phone through the TV's speakers. Interestingly, these TVs also support voice control and come with a remote that has a microphone. Plus, they have a good selection of ports, including up to three HDMI ports in the larger models, with one of them supporting HDMI-ARC, which is great for those who use a soundbar.

Here are the prices for the Pioneer Xumo smart TVs:

• 43-inch Model: $270

• 50-inch Model: $300

• 55-inch Model: $350

• 65-inch Model: $500

These TVs will only be sold at Best Buy. They'll be available for purchase sometime in November, but the exact date hasn't been announced yet. It's worth noting that Pioneer's Xumo smart TVs might not be the least expensive 4K TVs out there right now, but they are reasonably priced. Plus, you can buy them in person at Best Buy, so there's no need to wait for a delivery. If you can wait a bit, you might want to keep an eye out for any upcoming discounts.

Source: Comcast

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