Philips Hue Lights Will Soon Need Online Accounts For Control

Not everyone is pleased with it.

Philips Hue Lights Will Soon Need Online Accounts For Control

Philips Hue started with smart light bulbs and has added more products like light strips, desk lights, and smart cameras over time. Unlike some other smart home systems, you didn't have to make an online account to use these devices on your home network. But now, that's going to be different, and not everyone is happy about it.

People on Reddit shared pictures of the Philips Hue app showing a message that says, "You should have a Hue account because it helps us send important security info to you. Soon, you'll have to sign in." Another message says they won't use your email for ads unless you say it's okay. Philips Hue's Twitter account confirmed this change, saying it's for user safety. Soon, you'll have to have a Hue account to control the lights.

“Starting soon, you’ll need to be signed in.”
byu/smartdots inHue


Hue became a favorite among people worried about privacy issues in other smart home systems because it allowed full control without needing to connect online. This seemed like a sensible choice. However, now, many of these users are unhappy.

One person expressed their frustration, saying, "It looks like I'll need to replace all my house lights. I bought them because they didn't require me to make an account." Another person had concerns about privacy and the data collected, wondering if the app would still work without the internet and if they might have to pay for features in the future.

Philips Hue Lights Will Soon Need Online Accounts For Control

This change doesn't seem to impact your ability to control Hue lights using just your home network. So, if your internet goes down or the Hue servers have issues, your lights should still work. You'll need to sign in through the app during the initial setup, but after that, services like Home Assistant should still be able to control your lights.

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