Prepare for Winter with LEGO's Cozy Alpine Lodge Set

LEGO's Winter Village Collection welcomes the new Alpine Lodge set.

Prepare for Winter with LEGO's Cozy Alpine Lodge Set

Winter is on its way, and LEGO has a new addition to its collection of winter-themed sets. The Alpine Lodge set brings a snowy scene to life, with a big wooden cabin, an outhouse, a place to get Christmas trees, and even a snowmobile. It might look a bit tricky to put together, but don't worry, it's great for families to build together. Grown-ups can handle the big pieces, while kids can work on the smaller ones. You can get your hands on the Alpine Lodge starting October 4th for $100, or if you're a LEGO Insider, you can order it on October 1st.

This LEGO Alpine Lodge set has 1,517 pieces in total and comes with five minifigures, each with their own unique style. The standout feature is the large wooden cabin, where you'll find a bar, a Christmas tree, a cozy fireplace, two guest rooms, and a balcony. Inside the lodge, there's even a special light-up brick that adds an extra touch of winter magic. You can turn it on by pressing a button on the chimney.

Prepare for Winter with LEGO's Cozy Alpine Lodge Set

The stuff in this set that isn't the cabin is much smaller, but it's got lots of little details. LEGO put snow, trees, and tiny things like old skis in the market and outhouse. Plus, there's a snowmobile that can move Christmas trees around the set for a story. There are also small things for the little LEGO people to play with, like a present box, a stick for hockey, a cat, and ski stuff.

Kids will like the LEGO Alpine Lodge set, especially if you help them build it. But this set, and others like it in the Winter Village Collection, are made more for grown-ups. It's kind of like the fancy Christmas village decorations people collect. The only not-so-great part is you have to take them apart and put them back together every year. If you're brave, you can try to keep this set in a big tin with some leftover wrapping paper.

Once again, the LEGO Alpine Lodge costs $100 and comes out on October 4th. If you want to get it three days early and get some extra stuff, you can sign up for free as a LEGO Insider. There are more sets like this in LEGO's Winter Village Collection, so if you like this one, you might want to look at Santa's Visit and Holiday Main Street too.

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