Put LEGO's "Super Mario" Piranha Plant on Your Shelf

The Piranha Plant collection comes out on November 6th.

Put LEGOs Super Mario Piranha Plant on Your Shelf

The LEGO "Super Mario" series is getting even cooler with a new Piranha Plant model! It's about nine inches tall and would look great on your desk or shelf. It's not for little kids, though – it's meant for ages 18 and up. You can buy it for $60 starting on November 6th.

This LEGO Piranha Plant is made up of 540 different LEGO pieces, including some special ones that look really neat. The best part is that you can make the Piranha Plant do all sorts of fun stuff because it's super posable. You can open and close its mouth, move its leaves around, and even make its body sway from side to side, just like in the Mario games. It's a cool addition to your LEGO collection, especially if you already have the LEGO Botanical Collection.

Sure, this model is like a toy made of colorful blocks. It's shaped like a green pipe with two gold coins inside, and there's a button at the back that you can press to get the coins out. You can also put small things in a hidden space inside the pipe, but we won't see it clearly until the Piranha Plant toy comes out on November 6th.

Building this LEGO Piranha Plant toy is not too hard. You start at the bottom of the green pipe and stack the blocks on top to make the Piranha Plant appear. It's meant for kids to enjoy, but since there are 540 small pieces and LEGO says it's for adults aged 18 and up, grown-ups might need to help out. It's much easier to build compared to the big Mighty Bowser set that LEGO released last year.

To repeat, the LEGO Piranha Plant set will be available on November 6th. It costs $60, which is a reasonable price for a LEGO set of this size. Since it comes out in early November, it could make a great Christmas gift. You can see all the LEGO "Super Mario" sets on the LEGO website.

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