Redbox Gives Former Netflix DVD Customers Free Movie Rentals

This special offer will finish on October 1st.

Redbox Gives Former Netflix DVD Customers Free Movie Rentals

The Netflix DVD service that's been around for a long time is closing down on September 29th. If you still have DVDs from them, you can keep them, but you won't get any special gifts to thank you for being a customer. But, Redbox wants to help out! From September 29th to October 1st, if you used to be a Netflix DVD customer, you can get a free movie night from Redbox. Just share a picture of your last rental on Twitter in response to a tweet Redbox will send on September 29th.

A Redbox DVD rental is pretty affordable at just $2.25 per day, making it a good deal. It's a chance for folks who used to use Netflix's DVD service to try out Redbox, which is one of the few places left where you can rent DVDs. While Redbox isn't exactly like Netflix's, you can find Redbox kiosks in most towns. Plus, in recent years, Redbox has made their digital streaming rental service better.

If you're looking specifically for DVDs to be mailed to your home, there are only about five good options out there. You might also be able to borrow DVDs for free from your local library.

Redbox is also asking former Netflix DVD customers what movies they'd like to see available at their kiosks. They want to offer a wider variety of movies, especially ones that might not be so easy to find. So, if you're into watching old or less-known films, now is the time to share your suggestions. You might even be able to convince Redbox to offer movies from the Criterion Collection.

Just so you know, Redbox tried to buy the remaining DVDs that Netflix has, but Netflix said no. We're not sure what Netflix will do with those DVDs now. What we do know is that for the past month, Netflix has been giving out free DVDs to its customers and asking them not to send them back. Maybe this way, Netflix can avoid paying for shipping to get the DVDs back. It might also help Netflix keep its customers happy and maybe get more people to sign up for their streaming service.

Oh, and if you want a chance to get a free Redbox rental, all you have to do is take a picture of the envelope that your last Netflix DVD came in and follow Redbox on Twitter. They'll start talking about this on September 29th in a tweet. Just reply to that tweet with a picture of your Netflix DVD envelope and tell them which movies you'd like to see in their kiosks. Good luck!

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