Repairing Your iPhone 15 Pro Will Cost Less

Stop spending lots of money on shattered glass.

Repairing Your iPhone 15 Pro Will Cost Less

Apple has been making some good changes to how they fix iPhones. Last year, they made the iPhone 14 easier to repair, and it showed that Apple was finally thinking about making iPhone fixes simpler. Now, they've made the iPhone 15 Pro even better, and it's made getting an official repair from Apple much cheaper.

Apple says the new iPhone 15 Pro is easier to fix because they changed how it's put together inside. This change means it's not as hard to replace the back glass, and that's a good thing for your wallet. Fixing the back glass on an iPhone 15 Pro now costs $169. If you have the bigger 15 Pro Max, it's $199 for the same fix. These prices are the same as for the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 15, and 15 Plus, all of which have a removable glass back. But if you look at the iPhone 14 Pro, fixing the back glass is $499, and it's $549 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

If you get AppleCare+ for your iPhone, fixing the back glass is even cheaper at just $29. Without AppleCare+, it might still seem a bit pricey, but $169 is much better than $499.

Apple also decided to support a new law in California called the Right to Repair Act. This means they have to give customers and other repair places the parts and tools they need to fix things, which is a big deal for making devices easier to repair. However, it's worth noting that while Apple is doing good things for iPhone repairs, they've raised the price of fixing Apple Watch batteries. It used to be $79, but now it's $99.

If you're thinking about getting an iPhone 15 Pro, you can feel better knowing that getting it fixed won't cost you a fortune.

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