Shortwave Email Introducing an AI Helper for Your Inbox

Similar to ChatGPT, but it can get info from your emails.


In recent years, using email has mostly stayed the same. Sure, emails look nicer now, but there haven't been any big changes in how we use email—until now, with the help of AI. Shortwave, which just released an Android app, is now bringing AI into the mix with a new smart AI assistant.

This AI assistant is designed to make your email better. It lives in your email inbox and uses fancy AI called GPT-4 to help you with all kinds of email stuff. Think of it like having a helpful friend like ChatGPT right in your inbox, but it can read your emails too. Just like talking to a friend, you can ask it questions and do lots of things with it. It's a bit like what Microsoft showed off for Outlook a while ago, but you can actually use it now.

Shortwave Email Introducing an AI Helper for Your Inbox

The AI Assistant is like a super-smart email buddy. It knows what's in all your past emails and can find things really fast. You can ask it questions, and it will give you quick answers, saving you loads of time digging through emails. It can also sum up long email conversations and find stuff that regular searches might miss. Plus, it can help you write better emails, suggest replies, fix grammar, and even write like you do based on your past emails. It's also great for setting up meetings by checking your schedule and finding the best times. If you ever need to translate emails in different languages, it can help with that too.

The best part is that the Shortwave AI Assistant is available for everyone, even if you use the free version. Some of the fancier features, like super-advanced search, are for people who upgrade to the Standard plan. The company plans to make it even smarter in the future and wants to hear what users think to make it better. So, if you want to give it a try, go ahead and check it out in the app.

Source: Shortwave

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