The New Outlook for Windows Is Here

After more than a year of testing, you can now give the new Outlook a try on Windows 10 and 11.

The New Outlook for Windows Is Here

Microsoft has spent more than a year developing a brand-new email app called Outlook for Windows. This app is meant to replace the Mail and Calendar apps from the Windows 10 era, and eventually, it will also replace the older Windows Outlook client. Now, the new Outlook app is officially available to everyone and will come pre-installed with Windows 11.

You can use the new Outlook app for your personal email accounts, and it's been tested by millions of people during its preview phase. A full release for business users will happen soon. It will come preloaded with Windows 11 in the upcoming major update, which is set to roll out later this month. If you're using Windows 10, you can also install it from the Microsoft Store.

The updated Outlook is kinda like the web app. It has a simpler and nicer look compared to the old Outlook program. It can work with email addresses from Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, or others that use IMAP. It has some cool features that the old Mail and Calendar apps didn't have, like scheduling emails, keeping important emails at the top, and a "My Day" view that shows your calendar and tasks together. It also shows HTML emails better.

Right now, Microsoft made this new email app to replace the Mail and Calendar apps in Windows. They plan to add more stuff to it until it's as good as the classic Outlook for Windows (the one you pay for in Microsoft 365). They don't have a set date for that yet, but maybe around 2025 or 2026.

But not everyone likes the new app. Some people say it crashes, takes a long time to load, or gets stuck when loading messages. They hope Microsoft fixes these issues soon.

Source: Microsoft

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