The Next Steam Deck Isn't Coming Soon

Valve wants to see a big improvement in performance, and that will require some time.

The Next Steam Deck Isn't Coming Soon

It's been almost two years since Valve introduced the Steam Deck. But with ASUS launching their ROG Ally handheld recently, gamers are wondering when Valve will bring out a more powerful Steam Deck. Well, Valve is indeed working on a second-generation Steam Deck that will offer better performance without sacrificing battery life. However, it won't be available anytime soon.

Valve's Pierre-Loup Griffais explained in discussions with The Verge and CNBC that they are taking the idea of improving the Steam Deck's performance very seriously. One of the great things about the Steam Deck is its consistent performance level. If a game is optimized for the Steam Deck, it will work well on every Steam Deck. When they eventually release an upgraded Steam Deck, it will mean breaking away from this consistent performance, so the improvement needs to be quite significant to justify it.

It’s important to us that the Deck offers a fixed performance target for developers, and that the message to customers is simple, where every Deck can play the same games. As such, changing the performance level is not something we are taking lightly, and we only want to do so when there is a significant enough increase to be had. - Pierre-Loup Griffais

Pierre-Loup Griffais is also worried about how long the battery lasts in the Steam Deck. He thinks that mobile processors, which are like the brains of the device, haven't really gotten much better since the Steam Deck came out in February 2022. If they try to make them better now, it might mean that the Steam Deck's battery won't last as long. To see an example of this, you can look at the ASUS ROG Ally. It's more powerful than the Steam Deck, but its battery life is really bad.

Valve, the company that made the Steam Deck, thinks that it will take more than just a couple of years to make a big improvement in how the Steam Deck works. So, we probably won't see a new and better version of the Steam Deck until 2024 at the earliest. But, realistically, it might even take until 2025 or 2026.

The good news is that the Steam Deck is still a pretty good device. It can play a lot of big and fancy games, run emulators (which are like game machines that play old games), and work like a regular computer when you connect it to a TV or monitor. My only worry is that as new games come out in 2024 and 2025, they might be too much for the Steam Deck to handle. It might fall behind other handheld computers that can play the new games better.

Source: The Verge

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