The Raspberry Pi 5 Has Arrived!

And it's improved now.

The Raspberry Pi 5 Has Arrived!

The Raspberry Pi 4, which has been the best model in the Raspberry Pi lineup for the past four years, is a great little computer. It's even better now because it's easier to find in stores. However, it's starting to look a bit old when you try to do more difficult things with it. Since then, Raspberry Pi has made some other small computers, but none of them were meant to replace the Raspberry Pi 4. Until now, that is. The Raspberry Pi 5 is here to be the new top dog.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation just told us about the Raspberry Pi 5. This new one is much better than the old one. The Raspberry Pi 5 has a fast 2.4GHz quad-core 64-bit Arm Cortex-A76 CPU, a graphics card called VideoCore VII that can do fancy things like OpenGL ES 3.1 and Vulkan 1.2, and it can connect to two 4Kp60 TVs or monitors. It's also going to come in two versions: one with 4GB of memory and another with 8GB of memory.

This new Raspberry Pi is a big step forward because it's the first one to have a special chip made by the Raspberry Pi team in Cambridge, UK. It's not the main computer chip, which comes from Broadcom, but it's the chip that helps connect things to the Raspberry Pi. This shows that Raspberry Pi wants to start making more of its own parts, and maybe even its own main chips in the future.

The Raspberry Pi 5 has some cool features, like being able to play 4K videos smoothly, fast Wi-Fi that works on two different types of signals, and Bluetooth that's really good for connecting to other devices. It also has a slot for a small memory card that can go really fast, a bunch of different USB ports, a super-fast internet connection, and even a way to add extra things like cameras or displays. Plus, it has a power button, which is handy!

You can now pre-order the Raspberry Pi 5 in the United States through and The Pi Hut, and other stores will offer it soon. The 4GB version costs $60, and the 8GB model is $80. The first units are expected to ship by the end of October, so be sure to order yours soon if you want it quickly.

Source: Raspberry Pi

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