Top 10 Starfield Weapons & Where to Get Them

Top 10 Starfield Weapons & Where to Get Them

In Starfield, aside from its cool exploration features, there are many other exciting aspects to discover. One of those exciting parts is the shooting action, which many gamers worldwide are enjoying. However, like any space traveler, you won't do well in battles if you don't have the right weapons. To assist you in this regard, we've played the game and put together a list of the top weapons in Starfield that we think you should get right now. So, without further delay, start the game and let's find out where to get the best guns in the game.

10. Ashta Tamer

Weapon Type: Rare Heavy Grenade Launcher

Ammo Used: 40MM XPL

Where To Get: Found in a crate during the “Empty Nest” quest

Ashta Tamer

Let's begin with a powerful weapon you can get early in the game. The Ashta Tamer is a grenade launcher that can deal big damage. It shoots grenades that explode in a wide area, hurting lots of enemies.

Because it's a launcher, it doesn't hold many grenades at once, but there are different versions of the Ashta Tamer with special abilities. Some may have a bigger magazine, or they might set things on fire. When you use it alongside a fast-shooting gun, it becomes one of the best weapons around, so be sure to grab it.

9. Experiment A-7

Weapon Type: Rare Shotgun

Ammo Used: 15×25 CLL Shell

Where To Get: Found by persuading a guard during the “Entangled” quest

Experiment A-7

In the game Starfield, there's a special shotgun known as the Experiment A-7. You can only get it when you're on a quest called "Entangled." To obtain it, you'll need to convince a security guard, but it's definitely worth the effort.

This shotgun is really powerful. Just one shot can take down both humans and aliens easily. It's probably the strongest shotgun you can find in the game. The magazine can hold six bullets, which should be plenty. However, keep in mind that because the shots spread out, it's not great for long-range shooting. But if you want to get up close and do some serious damage, the Experiment A-7 is one of the best weapons you can get in Starfield.

8. Sir Livingstone’s Pistol

Weapon Type: Pistol

Ammo Used: .45 Caliber

Where To Get: Gifted by your parents if you have the “Kid Stuff” trait

Sir Livingstone’s Pistol

You might be surprised to see an old-style gun on this list, but it's actually one of the best weapons in Starfield if you have the "Kid Stuff" trait. In Starfield, players can pick different traits when creating their character, and this pistol is a gift from your in-game parents early in the story.

Although it might look worn out, Sir Livingstone's pistol is a powerful weapon, especially in the early stages of the game. It deals a good amount of damage and comes with several upgrades, including a tactical grip, armor-piercing bullets, and a high-powered mechanism. So, if you're new to Starfield and want a strong weapon right from the start, be sure to check out this firearm.

7. Keelhauler

Weapon Type: Legendary Pistol

Ammo Used: .43 MI

Where To Get: Gifted by Delgado during the Crimson Fleet missions


If you like guns and want one that's powerful and easy to carry, the Keelhauler is a great choice. You can get it when you're on missions with the Crimson Fleet. The Keelhauler is perfect for fast fights because it can do a lot of damage. It only holds six bullets at a time, but because it's so strong, you can take out your enemies with just one or two magazines.

The Keelhauler also has a bunch of cool add-ons and benefits. It can cause enemies to stagger, has a special perk called "berserker," and you can customize it with things like a longer barrel, a laser sight, less kickback, and even make it fully automatic. So, when you need a gun that's a mix between a rifle and a regular gun, the Keelhauler is the way to go.

6. Heller’s Cutter

Weapon Type: Rare Heavy Cutter

Ammo Used: Cutter

Where To Get: Hidden inside a crate in the right building (Vectera, Narion system)

Heller’s Cutter

Before you dismiss this list because you might not think a cutter is that great, let's explain why it's important in Starfield. A cutter isn't just for hurting enemies a little bit; it's also the only tool that can break up rocks and minerals. This is a big deal because it helps you find special items called Artifacts that you wouldn't be able to get otherwise.

Heller's Cutter is an even better version of this tool. It comes with a bonus called the Disassembler perk, which makes it 20% stronger against robots. That can come in handy when you're dealing with robot foes. Plus, the best part is that it recharges itself automatically when it gets too hot, so you never run out of ammo. You can actually get the Heller's Cutter for free from Vectera, so it's worth grabbing!

5. Deadeye

Weapon Type: Pistol

Ammo Used: 7.5MM

Where To Get: Given to you after becoming a deputy in the “Deputized” quest (Akila City, Cheyenne system)


Even though Starfield calls it a pistol, the Deadeye is actually a big, powerful revolver. It's not just practical; it also looks really nice. But don't be fooled by its appearance – the Deadeye is a revolver that can make big holes in all sorts of bad guys. It's got some kickback, so your aiming dot might jump around a bit.

Since it's a revolver, it can only hold six bullets at a time. But reloading is quick because you change the whole set of bullets all at once. Even though it doesn't shoot super fast, it does a lot of damage. You can get the Deadeye in Akila City after you finish the quest mentioned earlier.

4. Jake’s Hangover Cure

Weapon Type: Particle Beam Shotgun

Ammo Used: Heavy Fuse

Where To Get: Can only be stolen behind the counter at Jake’s Bar (Jemson, Alpha Centauri)

Jake’s Hangover Cure

Jake's Hangover Cure might not be the best weapon in Starfield, but it's special because of its name. What's unique about this weapon is that it's a particle beam shotgun. It uses a hefty kind of ammo, so it hits enemies in a distinct way.

If you look at the picture, you'll see that it holds a lot of bullets. So even though it only has an eight-bullet magazine, you have more in reserve. But there's a catch - you can only take this gun from Jake's bar. Jake might not be too happy if you try to take it, so be prepared for a fight or two in New Atlantis if you want to get your hands on it.

3. Novablast Disruptor

Weapon Type: Electromagnetic Rifle

Ammo Used: Heavy Fuse

Where To Get: Sold at Laredo Firearms (Akila City, Cheyenne system)

Novablast Disruptor

The Novablast Disruptor isn't like your regular weapon. It doesn't hurt folks outright, but it can give 'em a good jolt to stun 'em. You see, it's powered by a strong electric charge. Hold it for a bit to charge it up, and when you fire, it lets out a shock that stops everyone nearby right in their tracks.

Now, this stun trick might not be super useful against most folks in Starfield, but it sure comes in handy when you're dealing with robots. And trust me, you'll run into plenty of those in the game. So, do yourself a favor and grab that Novablast Disruptor. It'll be your best buddy when you face those cybernetic foes.

2. Beowulf

Weapon Type: Rifle

Ammo Used: 7.77MM

Where To Get: Buy from Trade Authority shop (Neon Core, Volii Alpha/star system)


No matter which gun you choose to use, some folks prefer a good old rifle in the end. While Beowulf might not be the absolute best choice, it's still a great addition to your collection. This is because the rifle is versatile, making it easy to handle while packing enough punch to get noticed.

To start, the gun delivers a decent amount of damage, helping you take down foes in a few shots. Speaking of that, Beowulf has a 30-round magazine, which, although not the highest, is sufficient to deal with enemies. The rate of fire is moderate, ensuring you won't run out of bullets too quickly but can still win fights. The best part is that getting Beowulf is easy, so you shouldn't have much trouble adding it to your arsenal.

1. Fiscal Quarter

Weapon Type: Rifle

Ammo Used: 6.5MM

Where To Get: Gifted by Walter Stroud for helping him during ” All That Money Can Buy” quest

Fiscal Quarter

I agree that the name of this gun might sound strange, but the Fiscal Quarter is actually one of the best weapons you can get easily. It's a rare rifle that does a decent amount of damage. What makes it great is that it can shoot really fast, which helps you defeat enemies quickly.

The gun also has lots of things you can add to it, like a scope, something to make it easier to control when you shoot, a grip, and special bullets that can even pierce really strong armor. It even has a special ability called Shattering that can break through tough armor. So, you should definitely try to get this gun. You can get it from Walter Stroud after helping him with a quest.

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