Update LibreOffice Today to Stay Safe from a Security Issue

The WebP security issue doesn't only affect web browsers.

Update LibreOffice Today to Stay Safe from a Security Issue

Earlier this month, a problem was found in a popular software called libwebp. This software is used in many things like web browsers and email programs. The folks who make the free LibreOffice program have now quickly released an update to fix this problem. If you use LibreOffice, it's a good idea to get this update as soon as you can.

Today's blog post says, "The people who make LibreOffice are putting out LibreOffice 7.6.2 Community and LibreOffice 7.5.7 Community earlier than planned. They're doing this to fix a security problem called CVE 2023-4863. This problem comes from a code library called libwebp, which was made by Google more than ten years ago to show a type of picture called WebP. If you use LibreOffice, they say you should update to the new version as soon as you can."

You can get LibreOffice 7.6.2 and LibreOffice 7.5 directly from the official LibreOffice website. They should also become available in Linux software repositories soon, if they aren't already there. Both of these versions work on Windows 7 and newer, as well as macOS Catalina 10.15 and newer. Additionally, LibreOffice 7.5 is compatible with macOS Sonoma 10.14.

There's a security issue that's been causing problems in various web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. This issue is related to WebP images, which are quite common on the internet. While you may not encounter WebP images very often in documents or presentations created with LibreOffice, there is a potential risk. You could unknowingly download a document from an email or website that contains a harmful WebP file. This kind of issue has been a longstanding concern with macros in Microsoft Office files.

LibreOffice 7.5 came out in February 2023 with some fresh app icons, a new dark mode look, and some tweaks to make it easier to use. Then, in August, LibreOffice 7.6 arrived. It didn't bring any big fancy changes, but it did fix a bunch of little problems and bugs.

If you use LibreOffice 7.5 or 7.6, there are security updates available to keep your software safe. But if you're using an even older version like LibreOffice 7.4 or anything before that, sorry, there won't be any patches to protect your software. Sometimes, you might be stuck with an old version because your computer's operating system doesn't support the newer ones. For example, LibreOffice 6.0 doesn't work on Windows XP and Vista.

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