Vivaldi Browser Now Available for iPhone And iPad

Enhance your web surfing with style on your new iPhone 15.

Vivaldi Browser Now Available for iPhone And iPad

Many people use different browsers on their iPhones because they offer extra features that Safari doesn't have. Even big browsers like Google Chrome are built on the same Safari foundation, so they try to be unique in other ways. Vivaldi is one such browser, and people have been waiting for it to come to iOS. Now, you can finally use it.

Vivaldi just launched its browser for iPhones, adding to the versions already available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Chromebooks. The iOS version comes with some cool features and lets you sync your browsing stuff securely between your devices.

When you open the browser, you'll see the Speed Dial screen, which has pictures of your favorite websites. This makes it easy to get to the sites you like and keep your bookmarks organized in folders. You'll also find quick access panels for things like bookmarks, your history, notes, a reading list, and downloads. And there's a Tab Switcher to help you keep track of your open tabs, private tabs, and tabs from other devices.

Vivaldi Browser Now Available for iPhone And iPad

The web browser comes with a familiar tab bar, just like on your computer, making it easy to see and switch between your open web pages. It also has a built-in notes section, so you can quickly jot down your thoughts and keep them in sync across all your devices. And if you want to save web pages to read later, you can do that too, no need for extra apps or accounts – and it syncs across your devices as well.

One cool thing about Vivaldi is that it keeps your browsing stuff safe with encryption. That means things like your favorite websites, quick access links, passwords, what you've looked at before, and your notes are all protected. Plus, it has a tool to stop those annoying ads and trackers from following you around the web, so your online life is more private. And you can even pick your favorite search engine.

For folks with iPhones, you can make Vivaldi your own by changing how it looks with custom icons for your apps and a widget that gives you quick access to its features. If you're on an iPad, Vivaldi is designed to work well on bigger screens. It has a special Start Page, side menus, and a way to keep things organized when you have lots of stuff open.

If you're looking for a versatile web browser, you can now get Vivaldi on your iOS device. Just head to the App Store and download it if you're using iOS/iPadOS 15 or a newer version.

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