macOS Sonoma Now Ready for Everyone

The upcoming macOS update will be even more similar to iOS.

macOS Sonoma Now Ready for Everyone

Every year, Apple releases new versions of its operating systems. Recently, they introduced iOS 17, the latest mobile operating system, which came out alongside the iPhone 15 series and is now available for older phones too. Now, it's time for Apple's computers to receive the same treatment. macOS Sonoma, the newest macOS version, is now accessible to everyone.

macOS Sonoma is labeled as version 14.0 and comes with several new features that make your MacBook resemble an iPhone more than ever. One notable addition is homescreen widgets, which are now more integrated into the desktop – you can place them just like you would icons. In addition to this, there are fresh screensavers and a revamped login screen that closely resembles the lock screen on your iPhone.

The new macOS Sonoma update comes with some cool features. You can now share your screen better, put web apps on your Dock, and there's a new game mode to make games run smoother on your Mac. This update might not seem as big as some in the past, but it seems like Apple is making macOS more like iOS with each release. It's not a bad thing, mostly just a change in how things look, and it actually works well, like the System Preferences now look more like the Settings app on iOS.

macOS Sonoma Now Ready for Everyone

If you have a Mac, you can get macOS Sonoma. It's available for the 2017 iMac Pro, 2018 and newer MacBooks and Mac Minis, and 2019 and newer iMacs and Mac Pros. You can check for updates now, but if you don't see it yet, it might take a little while to show up.

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