How To Remove Footer Credit of Premium Blogger Templates! Is it Legal? (2023)

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Greetings readers! If you're new to the world of blogging and have chosen Blogger's Blogspot as your platform, you've probably considered the idea of using premium templates without the burden of footer credits. If you're looking to enjoy the benefits of premium templates, complete with all their features, without the hassle of footer credits, you've come to the perfect destination.

Struggling with removing the footer credit from a premium Blogger template? If you're a blogger aiming to elevate your blog's appearance by using paid templates, you might find yourself grappling with the issue of theme footer credits. While you have the freedom to customize various aspects of the template, altering the footer credit often remains a challenge. Many template creators embed their website link in the footer, which redirects users to their official site upon clicking.

Considering that premium template costs can range from $5 to $100, this situation can be frustrating. Numerous template providers, like Sora Templates, Templateify, and Themeforest, offer a wide array of templates for purchase. If you're just starting your blogging journey, spending money on a premium template might not be the wisest decision. You might catch yourself wishing for a way to obtain these premium themes without shelling out a dime, and I've certainly been there too.

How To Remove Footer Credit of Premium Blogger Templates! Is it Legal? (2023)

Are you grappling with the question of how to eliminate the footer credit from premium Blogger templates? Moreover, is this practice legal in the current year? These are valid concerns for bloggers seeking to personalize their websites while abiding by ethical and legal standards.

Removing Footer Credit from Premium Blogger Templates:

The practice of removing footer credits from premium Blogger templates is a topic of debate within the blogging community. While it might be tempting to eliminate these credits to achieve a cleaner and more professional look for your blog, it's important to consider both ethical and legal aspects.

Legality and Ethics:

As of 2023, the legality of removing footer credits depends on the terms and conditions set by the template provider. Many premium template creators include clauses in their terms of use that require users to retain the footer credits intact. Removing these credits without proper authorization could potentially violate copyright and licensing agreements, leading to legal consequences.

Steps to Remove Footer Credits (If Permissible):

Check Terms and Conditions: Before making any changes, carefully review the terms and conditions of the template provider. If they explicitly allow the removal of footer credits, ensure you have written permission.

Access Template Code: Navigate to your Blogger dashboard and locate the "Theme" section. From there, click on "Edit HTML" to access the template's underlying code.

Find Footer Credit Code: Use the code search functionality (usually Ctrl + F or Command + F) to locate the portion of the code containing the footer credit. It might be enclosed in HTML comments or placed within specific div tags.

Remove or Modify: If permitted by the template's terms, you can proceed to either delete the footer credit code entirely or modify it to your liking.

Save Changes: After making adjustments, save your changes and preview your blog to ensure that the footer credit has been removed as intended.

Removing footer credits from premium Blogger templates might seem straightforward, but it can often lead to unexpected issues, such as abnormal website behavior or unwanted redirection to the developer's website. In this article, we'll explore a hassle-free method to eliminate footer credits without experiencing any disruptive redirects.

When attempting to remove footer credits from premium Blogger templates, you might encounter complexities that disrupt the smooth functioning of your website. Unwanted redirections and abnormal behavior can negatively impact user experience and undermine the aesthetics you're aiming for.

This article aims to provide a solution that ensures the removal of footer credits is a smooth and glitch-free process. By following our recommended approach, you can achieve a cleaner appearance for your blog without the headaches of unintended website behavior or redirections.

So, let's dive into the easiest way to eliminate footer credits from premium Blogger templates while maintaining the integrity of your website's performance and user experience.

  Note: Please note that the content of this post is intended solely for informational purposes. It is essential to emphasize that removing footer credits from a template should not be pursued without obtaining proper permission from the template's developer. Respecting the diligent efforts of these developers is paramount. Their hard work contributes significantly to the templates we use and customize.

In certain premium Blogger templates, developers incorporate JavaScript code to prevent the removal of footer credits in the free version. This code is designed to trigger abnormal behavior and redirection to the developer's parent site if any attempt is made to remove the footer credits.

Within this post, I will share specific code and techniques that can circumvent the developer's restrictions, allowing you to successfully remove the footer credits. This newfound capability enables you to utilize premium Blogger templates without the obligation of displaying footer credits.

Our provided codes and techniques are designed to be user-friendly, requiring no advanced programming skills. By following our instructions, you can achieve the desired outcome in a mere 2 minutes, eliminating the footer credits from your Blogger premium template.

How To Remove Footer Credit of Premium Blogger Templates!

We highly recommend that you take the precaution of creating a backup of your Blogger theme prior to proceeding with the removal of the footer credits. In the event that any unintended actions occur, having a backup file will allow you to easily revert the content back to its original state. This step ensures that you have a safety net in case anything goes awry during the process.

1. Go to Blogger dashboard >> Themes >> Edit HTML

2. Click in between the HTML code and press CTRL + F

3. On pressing the CTRL + F a search box will appear. Type Designed by or Created by in the search box and press Enter key.

4. In the image provided above, the footer credit code block is visible. To remove the footer credits, simply insert our provided code both above and below the footer credit section code block. This straightforward action will effectively eliminate the unwanted footer credits from your template.

5. Press the space button twice, right above and below the code, just as demonstrated in the picture above.

6. The code you need to paste

<div style='font-size:1px; opacity:0;'>


You have now successfully removed the footer credit from the Blogger premium template.

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