ChatGPT is Getting a Big Upgrade

Recognizing pictures, understanding voices, recognizing everything.

ChatGPT is Getting a Big Upgrade

ChatGPT, the helpful AI bot, has been known for answering your written questions. It can make mistakes sometimes, but it can also be quite useful. However, you could only talk to it by typing. You typed a question, and it gave you an answer.

Now, OpenAI has exciting news! They're adding new voice and image features to ChatGPT. This means you can interact with the AI in more ways. Plus, you can use it in more parts of your daily life. It's becoming even more versatile!

Now, you can talk to ChatGPT using your voice! It's pretty cool because you can have conversations with it, just like chatting with a friend. This works on your iPhone or Android phone, but you have to turn it on in the settings. What's neat is that there are different voices you can choose from, like different people talking to you. And the words you say get turned into text with something called "Whisper," which is a system that listens to your voice and writes down what you're saying.

But wait, there's more! You can also show pictures to ChatGPT and talk about them. So, if you have a problem or want to plan a meal, you can just show it a picture, and it will try to understand and help you. It can handle all kinds of pictures, like photos, screenshots, and even stuff with both words and images. It's kind of like how Bing Chat does things. Now, it might not be perfect, especially at first, but it's going to keep getting better over time.

The company is being really careful about how they use these new features to keep things safe and avoid any problems. For example, they worked with actors to make sure voice chat can't be used in bad ways. They're also teaming up with Spotify to help with translating voices in podcasts. When it comes to the models that can detect images, they had some experts and testers try them out to make sure they won't cause any issues. They're even working with a group called Be My Eyes to learn more about how these image features can help people who can't see well.

They're slowly giving these features to some users first, like Plus and Enterprise users. Later on, software makers who use GPT in their apps will be able to use these features too.

Source: OpenAI

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